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Tianlun: putting people first and creating a warm and harmonious environment for them.

“Tianlun” in Chinese means the natural bonds and ethical relationship between family members, like brothers and sisters, parents and children. Its name originates from the sentence by Li Bai, the famous poet in Tang Dynasty, in his article of ‘the Preface on Treating Younger Male Cousins at the Peach Garden during one Spring Night’: “ Meeting the brothers (Tianlun) at the peach garden, and recounting the happy stories among us ”. The name of Tianlun International Hotels conveys the aspirations of the Chinese people for good life, or the family happiness, in the traditional culture. It also demonstrates the commitment of the Group to providing happy life for each and every customer to experience the warm, comfortable and personalized services in an atmosphere of ‘family happiness’. Following the traditional virtue of ‘feeling happy by helping others’, the Group operates with a principle of putting people first to win the trust and loyalty of the customers on the Group. Based on the innovative ideas of our staff, we are dedicated to offering the best possible services to the customers and impressing them with exciting yet unforgettable memories. We understand that “to let the staff of the hotel serve the customers heart and soul, the hotel has to take care of the staff heart and soul first”. Accordingly, Tianlun has been focusing on the staff development and creating a favorable working environment for them.

Take a long-term perspective and achieve a strategy of sustainable staff development.

The goal of Tianlun International Hotels is to achieve a strategy of sustainable staff development from a long-term perspective by providing the staff with valuable career development opportunities, supporting them with professional services, and encouraging them to align their own career development with the growth of the enterprise. We firmly believe that “there is only the capacity rather than the job for lifelong employment”, and always leave the job opportunities first to the internal employees. To better help the employees develop in the Group, Tianlun has established a series of sound staff career planning systems, including: the new employees tracking and tutoring system that helps them be integrate into and grow in the Group; the intern system customized for the excellent university graduates; the scheme to expand the second skills of the employees; the training system to help the employees be prepared for promotion; the professional tutor system to help the management grow. A career development plan without career ladder ceiling is established for each employee to enable them to align their own career development with the growth of the enterprise. So far, a talent pool of over 1,000 professional managers and 5,000 service professionals with multiple hotel service skills has been made available in the Group.

Be innovative and enterprising, and create a learning-based team.

Tianlun places top priority on learning and training, focusing on the enhanced personal skills and team-based learning. It highlights the knowledge sharing and extensive learning to help the enterprise constantly innovate and better respond to the changing business landscape and integrate the learning into the corporate culture. The initiative of ‘creating a learning-based team’ further showcases the core value of Tianlun: be innovative and enterprising. Each week, the managers in all the member hotels under Tianlun International Hotels will gather together to learn the topics recommended by the president of the Group with different forms, such as case study, multimedia teaching and the lecturing of managers by turns, etc.