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The strategic goal of training: to support the brand strategy, nurture the talents and enhance service quality

Academy of Tianlun International Hotels 
The Academy of Tianlun International Hotels currently has three majors: leadership and management, service quality, and operational management, with different subjects set up for each major. It is supported by ten senior lecturers, 20 lectures and five visiting professors. The Academy provides compulsory courses for the management at various levels and professionals from the member hotels. Each year, it will develop customized training courses according to the training development strategy of the Group and the training needs of the member hotels. By integrating classroom learning and practical training, the Academy helps the Group nurture qualified talents and enhance the overall quality of the team. 

Training management 
The headquarter supervises and assists its member hotels to develop and improve their training system. Annual assessment will be made on the performance of the training managers to ensure the systematic and effective implementation of training programs. Customized training, assessment and certification will be organized through the Academy for the staff at various levels in the member hotels. As for the management above middle level, they will be led by the general managers of the member hotels to learn and enhance their own capacity and management skills through different forms including workshop, study tour and experiences sharing.