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Group Profile

Tianlun International Hotels is incorporated in Hong Kong in 2001, which mainly deals in carte blanche, advisory consultant and etc. in the principle of practicable, effective, scientific and rigorous operation and management concept. Based on a couple of years of market exploration, it has ranked among the world’s top 300 hotel groups on the strength of its growth rate and scale with the total room number of 7199 for the brands of Radegast (hotels and resorts) and Regar by the end of 2011. It has primarily formed a nationwide strategic pattern,, as well as its hotel management school.


· 2011 China Hotel Starlight Award - the Best Hotel Management Group in China;
· Top ten brand hotel management companies in 2010;
· The Most Influential Domestic Hotel Management Group in 2009;
· 2006-2010 One of World’s Top 300 Hotel Groups;
· 2006-2010 One of the 30 Largest Domestic Hotel Groups;
· Outstanding Contribution Award for 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics Service;
· The Most Contributive Hotel Management Group for 2008 Beijing Olympics Service;
· 2008 Global Hotel Five Star Golden Diamond Award - One of Top 20 Most Influential Hotel Group Brands in the World;
· 2007 Global Hotel Five Star Golden Diamond Award - One of Top 10 Hotel Group Brands in China;
· 2007 China Hotel Starlight Award - the Best Domestic Hotel Management Group in China;
· 2006 China Hotel Starlight Award - the Best Hotel Management Group in China;
· National Brand Pioneer of China Hotel Industry from 2004 to 2006;
· One of Top 20 National Brands of China Hotel Industry from 2004 to 2005;
· One of the Most Influential Hotel Groups in China Hotel Industry since the Implementation of Opening and Reform Policy;
· The Best Employer of China Hotel Industry.

Philosophy of the Gr

Humanistic, honest and reliable, cooperative, innovative

Group Branding

The name of the Group - Tianlun represents the expectation of happy life in Chinese traditional culture - the happiness from the natural bonds and ethical relationships between family members, which indicates that our Group will provide you with a happy life as far as possible, and enable you to feel at home living at our warm, comfortable and individualized environment.

Tianlun boasts a service legend full of care and love. Our brand segmentation is based on market subdivision, which satisfies different demands. Radegast Hotel: Five-star hotels Luxury, elegance and extraordinary manner. Regar Hotel: Four-star hotels Good fortune, splendor, quality and comfort.

Group Management Systems:

Based on research and practice for many years, we deploy four management systems in the Tianlun’s context so that all member hotels have achieved standardized management, scientific and effective operation, and win-win results.


Finance control system:
It measures and corrects corporate financial activities through financial means to ensure the realization of financial plan (objective). Its core elements include financial budget, financial operating, lean cost management and financial audit structures.


HR development system:
It is not only a talent supply channel, but also a uniform management and competitive platform, including recruitment, training, remuneration, performance management, service reward and talent cultivation systems.


Marketing system:
It is composed of three parts, namely brand strategy platform, customer resource platform and marketing platform, which involves in the definition of brands of fellow hotels, CI standards, and loyalty program. It reflects the strong market status of Tianlun International Hotels.


Service quality system:
It is composed of six respects, namely quality management documentation, quality management organization, quality warranty system, quality supervision and control, quality examination and assessment as well as quality improvement