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Brief Introduction

Tianlun International Hotels assists hotels in carte blanche management, advisory consultant, franchising operation, contracting & leasing services,property administration and etc. with professional team, various and tailor-made service. We have successfully assisted around 100 hotels and resorts by the end of 2006.

Cooperation Patterns

Service objects: hotels, resorts, flats, private lounges, office buildings and etc.


Carte Blanche Management: The Group dispatches a professional team that is in charge of the project operation and management with full authority. Such team will establish the marketing, operation and control systems in compliance with Tianlun’s management model so as to maximize the benefits and sustainable growth of the hotel. In return, the Group will charge management fees in accordance with a certain proportion of operational income and profit.
Successful cases: Tianlun Dynasty Hotel, Longxi Hotspring Resort, Napa Club, Reward International Hotel, Tianlun Xingming Lake Resort, Sunrise International Hotel, Poly Tianlun International Hotspring Hotel.


Advisory Consultant:
Professional research(Design project proposal consultant):We devote ourselves to the specific investigation & research on hotel and tourist industries, including analysis of project market, macro industrial environment, most updated industrial trends, project advantages and potential risks, comprehensive project assessment and feasibility analysis.
Successful cases: Feasibility study on the proposed hotel for No.3 Terminal Station of Beijing Capital International Airport. Construction consultant:Our management team aims at the projects at the planning and preparation stage to provide the owners with international hotel professional management consultant and technological support, including design planning, construction, staff recruitment and training, pre-opening preparations and etc.
Successful cases: The Hotels for No.3 Terminal Station of Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel, Lijiang Time Hotel, Beijing Shiyi Tianlun Royal Hotel, Beijing Xingong Lvyin Sports Center and Jianping International Hotel. Operational consultant:Through a comprehensive analysis of current status of an operating hotel project, we can provide a correction package for the hotel, which will completely improve its management status after introducing marketing, financial control and service operating systems up to international standards to it.
Successful cases: Kuntai Royal Hotel, Inn Fine Hotel and Universal Resort.
Corporate training service:We can provide customized training schemes based on professional diagnosis to provide enterprises with assistance in improving staff capabilities, including comprehensive and systematic training of management technique, service consciousness and practice, professional skills, etiquette and foreign languages.
Service type:Pair-of-person internal training and open workshops.


Franchising Operation:Tianlun International Hotels authorize the enterprises to use its brands, patents and operating models based on franchising operation contract, and such enterprises pay certain fees to operate under the uniform business models of Tianlun.


Contracting & Leasing Services:Based on a contract, the owner surrenders the operation and management authority to Tianlun within a certain period, in whole or in part, and with the operation and management of the project, Tianlun assumes operating risks and obtains benefits.


Property Administration:Tianlun International Hotels aims to provide hotel property administration for 5A office buildings, especially for multifunctional buildings mixed with offices, hotels, exhibition centers and shops. The group has formed a hotel service pattern and deliver property administration consultant service.

Resources Advantages

Tianlun International Hotels has accumulated rich resources advantages in service pattern, customer and market resources, professional HR resources, qualification resources, strategic partner resources, central cuisine database and management documents. These resources strongly guarantee our service quality and development.


The Service Pattern of Tianlun International Hotels
Tianlun loves and respects the guests. The service objective is to provide customers with fine, delicate, elegant and endless service, like the nature of silk, which is described vividly as "silk-like affections". The staff contributes to the pursuit of serving the customers naturally, imperceptibly and thoroughly. The concept of "silk-like affections" refers to consideration for customers, links and details all the time. The group cares about both result and process of service. Tianlun always takes guests satisfaction as the utmost goal.


Customer and Market Resources
Tianlun International Hotels signed contract with some 5,000 enterprises and 100, 000 individuals across the country, which include not only Fortune 500 such as Lucent, Nortel, Cisco Systems, HP, IBM and Panasonic, but ministries and commissions of central government, embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce as well.


Professional HR Resources
Tianlun International Hotels currently possesses 116 senor and middle-level executives, of which 75% have served in Tianlun for more than 5 years, 90% have a bachelor’s degree and some 15% are EMBA or MBA possessors. The annual concentrated training for senior and middle-level executives will not be less than 70 hours and 140 hours respectively. In addition, we have 16 dedicated professional trainers.


Qualification Resources
National star-rated hotel appraisal unit;
Chairman Member of Beijing Recreation Enterprises Club;
Vice President Member of Beijing Tourism Industry Association of Hotel Division;
Member of China Association of Tourist and Hotel Industry;
Member of Commanderie des Cordons Bleus de France;
Judge member of China International CulinaryCompetition;
Chairman Member of China Cooking Association.


Group procurement
The strategic group procurement of Tianlun is aimed at the maximization of owner’s benefit, customers satisfaction and brand effect. In the principle of service, benefit and development, it will bring into full play the advantage of scale and professional procurement and gather famous brands suppliers to serve the needs of hotels and resorts.


Tianlun International Hotel Management School
Tianlun International Hotel Management School, jointly founded by Beijing Technology and Business of University Business Institute, is aimed to continuously improve the comprehensive capabilities of our executives through systematic education. With the aid of the rich teaching experience of the university, it will cultivate talents through the combination of theory and practice so as to satisfy the Group’s needs of talents cultivation, reservation and export as far as possible.


Strategic Partner Resources
Beijing Technology and Business of University Business Institute, Horwath HTL, Design Square and Associates, Xintailai International Engineering Co., Ltd., Shiji Network and etc.


Central Cuisine Database Resources
Tianlun International Hotels appoints Mr. Li Qigui, one of top 10 Chinese chefs, as its executive chef. We have built up a powerful Tianlun Central Cuisine Database with a thorough master of various cuisine. And also holds the annual Tianlun Culinary Competition for the purpose of culinary exchange, cuisine update and talent cultivation.


Seven Management Model Documents
1)Tianlun International Hotels Standard Management Handbook (totaling 150 thousand characters in 14 volumes);
2)Tianlun International Hotels Start-up Preparation Handbook;
3)Tianlun International Hotels Management System Model Handbook;
4)Tianlun International Hotels Engineering & Technology Handbook;
5)Tianlun International Hotels Group Procurement Handbook;
6)Tianlun International Hotels PR Guidelines Handbook;
7)Tianlun International Hotels Training Handbook.

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